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Welcome to Ankang Health Tea Store Winnipeg

Our tea store is an unique and different from most of tea stores in Winnipeg. Our tea products not just offer best taste and flavor, also very important to benefit health. They are natural, safe and easy to use to help daily life and live healthier.

First of all, our tea products come from China, which is the oldest and biggest tea country in the world. Tea is part of Chinese life, culture, and history. Without tea, China is not the China. With thousands of years experiences, skills, knowledge, wisdom, environment, climate, Chinese tea is the best tea of the world.

Second, we choose the best tea product from China, we guarantee the tea quality is number one in Winnipeg;

Third, we carry different styles tea products, like green tea, black tea, flower tea, herbal tea to fit different requests from clients;

Most important, we help clients choose right tea product to meet their body conditions. We can design personal unique tea complex to help headache, insomnia, skin disease, low energy, irregular menstruation, infertility, poor digestion, constipation, quit smoking, weight lose, stress, depression, etc.

Our goal is: Enjoy daily tea drinking, benefit healthier life.